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Cannakist Lip Balm

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Like a juicy wet smooch from mother earth.  Packed with the best stuff to keep your mouth feeling good, looking good and kissably soft.  Infused with the worlds highest quality CBD oil and 100% Natural Organic essential oils.  Created in small batches with love.

Maui Wowie - A delicious blend of mango & citrus that will sooth and hydrate your lips, and possibly the lips of a special someone nearby! Infused with 10-15 mg of Green HoriZen Pharmaceutical grade CBD

Grasshopper - Delicious Peppermint Chocolate Lip Balm with 10-15 mg of CBD! The biggest challenge is not eating the stick!

Peppermint - The most natural lip balm we’ve found to date with a minimum of ingredients, 10-15 pharmaceutical grade CBD and a peppermint flavor Bert & his bees would rush to switch to.